What is Today?

It’s Wednesday. It is the last day of October. Today is Halloweeen. It is Roy Callow’s birthday. He would have been 100. It is exactly one week from my birthday. Today is the day before National Novel Writing Month begins. It is probably the last day I will be blogging […] Read More

What Am I Doing?

I’m just writing a blog post to let you know that I won’t be writing a blog post tonight. It’s all too much right now. Sometimes it is always all too much. But I have promises to keep. And shit to do before I sleep. Also, this: “[I]f I wasn’t […] Read More

Huge News!

What really, really upset me about this experience was realizing the show was being aired on the A&E network. I mean, A&E used to be a network that showcased ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT – entertainment that was really more arts-related than cop-related.

The Adding Machine Post

Suffice to say, the Burroughs family of St. Louis had a lot of money. It was this money that afforded William Seward Burroughs II a spot at Harvard, from which he graduated in 1936, as well as the freedom to pursue writing and shooting up heroin and sex-seeking holidays in Tangier. This money, with what he made as reporter, also financed a fateful stint in Mexico City.


I was honored. The mantra of Memory Care is: Be in their reality. Thus, I held out my arms as if to receive an actual infant.


Now. I ask you: why are these women going from men directly to water creatures and spirits without even trying out having sex with other human women? Believe me, it’s not just a ghost who could make a woman say, “It was very strange, but the sex was amazing!”

This Is the Day

On this day in 1854 Florence Nightingale and a band of nurses went off to aid in the Crimean War effort. Also: on this day in 1917 the first American troops “saw action” in Nancy, France in our bid to help get back all the money J.P. Morgan loaned the […] Read More

No Good Title Comes to Mind

So I was looking at Twitter this morning and came across this Tweet: Priced out of flats, now moved on in their vans: Bristol’s rent crisis https://t.co/0aqFgAmqUP — The Guardian (@guardian) October 20, 2018 Of course, since I live in the U.S. I see stories like this every day about […] Read More