3 Super-Long Citizen Jim Stories

“Yo! Broccoli!”
In this adventure, Citizen Jim has plans to seize a great opportunity: rebooting the James Bond film franchise with the help of Chicken Sheets!

Even if they don’t succeed, Citizen Jim is determined to make Chicken Sheets see the rainbow over the silver-lined cloud from where he stands on the sunny side of the street. Well. If his wife doesn’t discover that he’s mistakenly brought her alchemy formulas with him on this mission, that is!

Love Adele Haenel, Alabama football, James Bond, alchemy, and David Bowie’s LOW album?

Of course you do! And you get all of them in “Yo! Broccoli!” by Chicken Sheets!

And there’s more!

Virginia Despentes, ruminations on the hidden lives of playing cards, and tons of e-book extras!

Bitter Belly
Do you know what you’ll get if you cross the Book of Revelation with a harmless practical joke? If you’re living in a retirement community, you’ll get a crisis of Biblical proportions. When Citizen Jim’s Mama finds this out the hard way, Citizen Jim needs Chicken Sheets to help him call off armageddon! And they’ll succeed. Because Citizen Jim and Chicken Sheets ARE America’s most beloved best friends!

At the end of this super-long story you’ll find a handy guide for book clubs and reading groups full of questions to augment the story and your understanding of it! (Haha! Not really! But there IS a reading guide at the end of the story.)

October Surprise
In which Citizen Jim arrives right before National Novel Writing Month with a briefcase full of demands and advice for Chicken Sheets, a failed novelist.

This edition features a recipe for Oyster Cracker Salad, one of Chicken Sheets’s “specialties.” Because cheese toast with beef broth doesn’t really count.

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