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In addition to this blog that nobody reads, I also write a series of stories nobody reads (except Candaleeza: thanks, man) called Citizen Jim Stories by Chicken Sheets.

Since Kate Winslet’s birthday is right around the corner, I was thinking about a few of the Citizen Jim stories that mention her. Then I did a CTRL+find of her name and found that I’ve written six Citizen Jim stories that mention Kate Winslet. And when that became known to me, I decided to compile them all on their own page to display from her birthday onward.

Many of the stories were written when I lived in a smelly, sketchy rat trap in West Virginia right after my last relationship ended. It was a bleak time in my life. It was such a dark time that if I got to work a minute late one of my friends was calling me to make sure I hadn’t, you know, done the…unthinkable.

Writing those stories was the only thing that made me feel good—maybe because it allowed me to “leave” my surroundings for however long it took to write a story.

Thus, I wrote a ton of Citizen Jim stories between January and December of 2013.

The “Million Dollar Bridge,” off of which I wanted to but did not jump in 2013.

Right after I moved into that dump, I wrote “Columbia Towers.” That’s what I decided to call the building where I was living, to give it an air of something else that maybe wouldn’t smell like the weird, indescribable funk that was always present in the hallways and stairwells.

Years later (in 2020, actually), I had to supply that address on some type of form I was filling out, but I couldn’t remember anything except “Columbia.” So, thanks to Google Street View, I found the building in the city where it’s located and then got the whole address from that.

Imagine how creepy it was when the scene that came up on Google Street View contained a shot of the car I was driving at that time—which happened to be the car I was driving on the day of my Google search.

It was so weird. I took a screenshot of it and forgot about it.

Well. I didn’t think about it until the time came to create some graphics for the old Citizen Jim stories featuring Kate Winslet.

So I used an actual photo of Columbia Towers in a graphic to represent the fictional version of Columbia Towers. You can look at the graphic below. If you click the graphic, you can read “Columbia Towers.”

Pictured here (l to r): Kate Winslet, Columbia Towers, and Miles Davis.

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