Female Hermits

I have to admit: this is something I’ve never considered. Maybe I just resigned myself to thinking that a female hermit was called a spinster, or a drunken recluse. But this is not kind to spinsters or to female hermits. Most people mistakenly assume all hermits are crabs, and a few people might assume that hermits do not enjoy eating crabs.

Along these same lines, I’m not sure if the idea of a crab immediately brings to mind a hermit. Nor do I have any idea why I’m not just getting to the point. I definitely don’t want this to end up sounding like a Roy Blount, Jr. column. So I’ll just give you the answers you seek.

According to a reliable result offered by the Google search engine, a female hermit is called “a woman who is a hermit.”

This is a hermit crab.