I mean. What’s a Little Disgrace?

And what about this word “disgraced?”

If you type “disgraced” into the Google search engine, then opt for only the “news” items, this is a smattering of what you will see in the headlines, sometimes in the subheads of the respective articles:

  • Disgraced Giuliani Associate
  • Disgraced mogul
  • Disgraced producer,
  • Disgraced Theranos founder
  • …disgraced star
  • Disgraced actor
  • Disgraced academic
  • Disgraced ‘Prince of Pot’
  • …disgraced gynecologist
  • Disgraced former representative
  • …disgraced ex-president
  • Disgraced Grand National-winning trainer
  • …disgraced anti-Trump PAC
  • …disgraced neurologist
  • Disgraced Priest

I’ll tell you this, friend: in almost all the above cases, “disgraced” just means “caught red-handed doing something vile.”

So, please. Please just call these assholes “crooks,” “pedophiles,” “rapists,” “grifters,” or whatever else.

You know, so we still know what it’s wrong to do in this shit-swirl of a world.


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