Longer Evenings (or Hey, Lemonheads!)

I only called this post “Longer Evenings” because I wanted to save it but knew it needed a title.

It’s actually before six in the morning. I got sucked into a Lemonheads wormhole on YouTube when I looked up the song “Kitchen” from their album It’s a Shame About Ray. I remember how excited I was when Come On Feel the Lemonheads came out.

The problem with all this today is that I woke up with a super-scratchy throat, making it impossible to sing along with the Julianna Hatfield (and even Belinda Carlisle) parts on many songs. I have to say, though: Come On Feel the Lemonheads is one of those sophomore albums that is as good or better than their debut.

Maybe I’m just saying that because it’s Pride Month and this album could work as a soundtrack to some of my biggest (read: worst) crushes during that time. Though I’d love to go back and hear this music for the first time again, I wouldn’t survive those crushes on a second go-round.

Considering the fact that I’m having one of those brain-scrambling hot flashes at this very moment, I’m pretty sure I don’t have to worry about having crushes of any size or degree ever again.

This is Bill Clinton.
Or probably not really Bill Clinton. But he probably still tries to date girls who like this music.