Office Depot/OfficeMax b/w Step into My Office, Baby

They’re called Office Depot OfficeMax, now but back in the late 90s they were separate entities called Office Depot and OfficeMax.

I worked at both of them. I can’t remember which one I worked for first. I do know that I was the manager of the copy and print center at Office Depot, and that was a very, very terrible job. I think I was just a general CSR at Office Max. That was equally terrible.

Which really sucks, considering how much I love office supplies, and browsing through office supply stores.

My jobs at the two Office Supply giants of the 90s came at a time in life when I already had PTSD, and I was absolutely more stressed out than I’ve been again (not counting the 18 months my mother was in a nursing home). Maybe my experience would have been better if I’d had a more stable life while it was going on.

Unfortunately, all I can see when I try to imagine that point in time is Peter Griffin fighting with the chicken on “Family Guy,” but I happen to be Peter and the chicken—but with a twist: one of us ends up dead.

Because of the turmoil in my personal life, I have few memories of my actual duties at either job. I mainly remember that I was working at Office Max when Windows 98 came out. That was a crazy day.

Maybe not as crazy as the fact that Microsoft is about to release Windows 11—not based on 2011, the way Windows 98 was based on the fact that it was released in 1998. I thought it was because this is version 11, but guess what? That’s not why.

I have no idea why, especially since Windows 10 was supposed to be so awesome that they were never going to have to release another version. Or so they thought. Why would they think that? That’s not clear, either.

Nothing makes sense in this world anymore.


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