Putting the “Go” in GoDaddy

Sixteen years. Something like $2,200.

And yet!

No loyalty discounts. No yearly promo codes to offset religious payment of ever-increasing fees.

So I decided: no more, GoDaddy! Just go.

I’ve been wanting to change my domain registrar and website hosting for—and I’m not exaggerating here—years. But I’ve never wanted to endure the headache of finding the perfect replacement company, transferring domains, memorizing a new membership number and password, etc.

So I kept paying. Even when it was like pulling out teeth and draining blood to downgrade my hosting ($12.99/mo) to the lowest possible tier ($2.99/mo, then $4.99/mo). Even when I got snared in the “secure website” trap—i.e., most browsers just throwing up a wall with dire warnings about my site before I got an SSL certificate ($95/year). Even after they wanted to charge me to help set up my very expensive SSL certificate. Even after they seemed to move their dwindling customer service to another country (to increase rewards to shareholders, no doubt).

I stayed on because I was comfortable with a very abusive situation.

But then I ramped up my research and found a good alternative with great pricing for…well, overall, everything. Best of all? The beautiful, life-saving SSL certificate with my current host is free. FOREVER.

No kidding: I almost fell off my chair when the customer service rep told me that.

Look, I’m not an asshole.

Forget the fact that GoDaddy’s founder is an awful man (though I can’t), and forget their off-putting marketing (see here), their predatory upselling, and their general money-grubbing

They’re just thieves of a kind, selling farts in jars for the price of Kopi Luwak.

I’m done with that.


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