Reading Rut Update

This is just a little note to catch all the readers of this blog up on something very important—something of the utmost importance.

In actual fact, this may be the most important thing I ever post on this blog whether I never write another post, or if I write 10,000 more posts.

If you have a heart condition or suffer from any type of terrors, please lie down on a nearby fainting couch, or park your ass in the nearest seat.

Here goes.

Parinesi by Susannah Clark has not succeeded in lifting me out of my reading rut. I started it a couple nights ago, and that book just isn’t doing it for me.

So I’ve started Picnic at Hanging Rock. I guess maybe that’s the biggest news.

I just hope I don’t find out that the IDEA of Picnic at Hanging Rock is better than the actual novel.

If that happens, I guess there’ll be another VERY IMPORTANT update on this blog.

Still from Peter Weir’s 1975 film adaptation of Picnic at Hanging Rock


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