Taking Book-Based Advice: Part 3 of 2

Since I got an email telling me so (see below), I guess it’s official: I’ve now read TWO books this year.

As you may (or may not) see, I gave Picnic at Hanging Rock four stars out of five. According to GoodReads, the average review on the site is 3.6 stars out of five.

But you know what I’ll give the title of these three posts related to reading/not reading? One out of ten stars. You know why? Because I never really did take the advice of that youngster who blogs for Gawker.

Parinesi remains barely glanced at on my Kindle app.

And now I’ve just realized I forgot to read through the rest of the email I got from GoodReads, which was supposed to tell me “some ideas on what [I] can do next.”

Before I end this post and go back to said email, I have to comment on the wording of it. Surely they mean they have ideas about what I can READ next? If they’re going to tell me what they think I should DO, I’m not sure I even want to go back and finish reading the email.

Look, we all know that Amazon.com now owns GoodReads (a deal that should never have been allowed to go through, considering the infinite number of vertical marketing schemes to benefit itself Amazon gets up to on an hourly basis). So there’s a good chance that what GoodReads thinks I should DO since I’ve finished reading Picnic at Hanging Rock could be rife with unnecessary purchases from the Amazon-dot-com website.

List of Things GoodReads (Amazon) Probably Thinks I Should Do Now That I’ve Finished Reading Picnic at Hanging Rock

  • Buy a Lonely Planet Guide to Australia
  • Download every available album by the Hoodoo Gurus
  • Schedule my first subscribe & save delivery of Picnic Themed 9 oz Disposable Paper Cups – Ideal for Family Dinner, Birthday and Picnic Parties (50 Pack)

In the meantime, please enjoy this video of “Four Out of Five” (the number of stars I gave Picnic at Hanging Rock on GoodReads) from the Arctic Monkeys‘ 2018 album, Tranquility Base Hotel and Casino.


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