The “Stammering” Epidemic

I listen to a lot of podcasts. So many podcasts. And many of them originate in the UK.

I’ve noticed that British men, in about four-fifths of these podcasts, stammer. But I can’t tell if it’s a real stammer, or if it’s the stammer that comes of not knowing what the hell you’re talking about, and stalling by repeating several words within every phrase that you utter.

I think it’s the latter. And when I feel sure it’s not an actual stammer but an affected stammer of the Hugh Grant-in-all-his-90s-films-type, it has made me say out loud in an empty room: “Jesus Effing Christ!” because what I suspect is an affected stammer is so dammed annoying.

I’ve noticed that I have heard very few—and maybe even no—women who do this.

Please note: I’m not disparaging actual stammerers, but people who pretend to stammer to buy them some time while they try to figure out how they can speak on subjects about which they don’t know as much as they should.

One week later…

Yeah, so. I kept this post in the drafts folder for a long time, because I thought maybe I was being an asshole—or that people might think I was being an asshole—for talking about “stammering” Englishmen.

But guess what? I Googled it, and look what I found:

Also: this totally scans when you think about that fecking blub-chub Prime Minister they have right now—an Eton-Oxford educated tosspot piece of shit who definitely falls under the category devised fifty-one years ago by the New York Times.


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