This Midlife Plateau

Because my sister and I haven’t spoken in over a week, our telephone conversation this evening ran into an hour and covered myriad topics. We touched upon everything from cats and elders to travel and 70s TV actresses.

Near the end of the conversation—as things were really winding down—our talk turned to hair. I have to say, I waxed eloquently about the hairdryer I just purchased from my hairdresser.

Yes. We discussed—at length—a hairdryer, with my side of the conversation being so animated and persuasive that before the conversation was over my sister had gone online and bought one for herself.

This begs the question: has the landscape of my life always contained so many plateaux? Is it going to get even flatter, more uneventful? When was the last time I talked to anyone about a great book or a new band? Am I never going to discuss films or “prestige TV” with anyone ever again?

If not, is it the fault of COVID’s pushing us all into the barest minimum of socialization for nearly two years? Or is this what happens to everyone “of a certain age” no matter what global crisis might be ramping up or winding down?

Who cares? I love this new Bluetooth keyboard—with its whisper-quiet, scissor switch-keys, a dock for when I’m using it with my phone—and I don’t care who knows it!

Below is a video clip from the (prestige) TV show “Fleabag,” in a scene that always reminds me of my sister and me. I’m sure this reminds most sisters of their relationships.


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