What Will I Read Next? (The Short List)

I’ve managed to whittle down my next cover-to-cover read to four titles.

Short List of Books I Might Read Next

  • Letters to Camondo
  • Vernon Subutex 3
  • Secondhand Time: The Last of the SovietsAll We Know: Three Lives
  • Berg

I already have copies of Vernon Subutext 3 and Secondhand Time: The Last of the Soviets. The two books couldn’t be more different—one being the third novel in a popular trilogy by a “bad girl” of French publishing and the other being an oral history compiled by a Nobel laureate and activist.

Then again, I am half in love with two of the authors—not the two you might think I’d be in love with, though.

None of them has a good cover (see below), which is fine because I would never use such a thing to judge a book (based on universal advice).

I know three of the four shortlisted titles will make me cry. I know I won’t regret reading any one of them.

I’ll make my decision and announce it soon to nobody (i,e., all the people who read my blog).


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