BEA 2005

Citizen Jim arrives with an invitation to attend B.E.A. 2005—only to be rebuffed when Chicken Sheets misunderstands what B.E.A. stands for and figures he’s lying…again!

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Sick Day

In which Citizen Jim arrives the day after Chicken Sheets has binged on junk food with a resident—the results of which are as disgusting and sad as you might expect.

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A Trickster Tale

In which Citizen Jim arrives to inform Chicken Sheets that her sister has played “the dirtiest trick in the book” on her before giving her the worst advice on how to turn the tables on ViDalia.

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A Run for It

In which Citizen Jim arrives and makes a scene (not to mention a huge mess) at a national pharmacy chain while Chicken Sheets maps out her scheme for finally becoming a best-selling author.

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Night Blondness

In which Citizen Jim comes out of hiding to castigate Chicken Sheets for not sharing an important Hollywood tidbit with him. (If you’re triggered by the phrase “WITCH HUNT,” stop reading.)

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In which Chicken Sheets is diagnosed with old age and feeble-mindedness over the telephone at the same time that Citizen Jim arrives to inspire her with a classic rock album by Captain Beefheart.

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