Little Big Man


Author: Thomas Berger

Fiction/PB/1964/440 pp

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I’ve read a ton of other books by Thomas Berger, but not this one. I bought it thinking I’d love it since I’d loved all the other ones by him that I’ve read.* But I never did read it.

Please note: below what looks like a doodle made to get the ink of a ballpoint pen flowing there is a word written on the title page. I bet you can’t guess what it is.

The word is a name: Custer. (See photo.)

Ha! You’d think after 440 pages someone would have more to say about Little Big Man  than that. You’d think.

Maybe they wrote it before they started to read it to remind themselves who they should be rooting for. (What kind of asshole roots for Custer? I’m glad I didn’t have to meet the person who owned this book before me.)

* My favorite Berger novel has to be Meeting Evil. It’s brilliant and hilarious—unlike General Custer!