Quiz: Drunk Writers

There are so many drunk writers in history that a ten-question quiz barely scratches the surface. Match each description with the correct drunk writer.

#1. This tiny, absinthe-soaked playwright of the Belle Epoch was never without his bicycle or his pistol.

Answer: Alfred Jarry

Read more about Alfred Jarry.

#2. Nobel prize-winning screenwriter who resigned from his post office job before he could be fired.

Answer: William Faulkner.

Read about Faulkner’s postal behavior.

#3. His smooth face, beautiful mouth, and perfect nose made this French Riviera-loving writer one of the most attractive authors of the Lost Generation.

#4. Unlucky in love and a near-invalid by age 40, this southern writer nursed the wounds of her crushes and ill-health with Long Island Iced Teas. Many, MANY long Island Iced Teas.

#5. This famous cat lover (and bitter mail carrier) called his fictional alter ego Henry Chinaski.

Answer: Charles Bukowski

#6. Though small in stature, this friend of Marilyn Monroe and enemy of Gore Vidal reputedly had a gigantic capacity for lying and back-stabbing.

#7. A life-long and colossal free-loader, this writer's legacy and posthumous fortune were protected by a very litigious grandson.

#8. Splitting his time between writing and working as a civil servant, this writer claimed once that a rejected manuscript disappeared when each page lifted up and flew out of an open car trunk.

#9. While touring in America in 1953, this Welsh writer spent many blackout-drunk days and nights in the Chelsea Hotel before dying at St. Vincent's Hospital at age 39.

#10. A regular contributor to the New Yorker and Vanity Fair, this writer was famous for the savagery of her wit. (Hint: she bequeathed her entire estate to the NAACP.)




Congratulations! (Are you an alcoholic?)

You have failed this quiz, and maybe life. Go have a drink.