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They’re sisters. They live in Kilter.

Vera Perkins has been trying to talk her sister Vidalia into helping her cohost a podcast. However, Vidalia is steadfast in her refusal and ever-creative in her dismissal of the enterprise.

After all, Vidalia (unlike Vera) actually has a life. She has hobbies, like gambling at the Luckie Duckie Lounge and taking quizzes she finds on the Internet. And obligations, such as taking care of six cats, three dogs, a pig, eight goats, a horse, and several other less common pets.

But Vera deals with her sister in 2021 the same way she’s dealt with Vidalia throughout their lives. To this end, she records their phone conversations and turns them into the podcast Vidalia refuses to co-host with her.

Living well might be a more acceptable form of revenge, but Vera will settle for humiliating those who oppose her.