Yep. I Still Remember.

It’s September 11.

Something happened in America on September 11, 2001, that we have been advised to NEVER, EVER, EVER forget. And we’ve been reminded to never, ever, ever forget something like once every two weeks over the last 20 years.

Which is better than being reminded to never, ever, ever forget once or twice a day, as was pretty standard throughout the first decade after the attacks on our soil by al-Qaeda.

When the New York attack happened, I said to someone, “If this had happened when I was a teenager, I would have thought, Hmmm…only 2,500 fat cats? Eh, that’s a good start. But I wasn’t of that mindset at age 31.

At age 51, my ideologies have come closer to those of my teenage self than of any other self I’ve been over the last half-century. I would never want anything like what happened on 11 September 2001 to happen again—not here, not anywhere.

If something like it happened in this day and age, any timidity our government had about waging the “war on terror” via the Patriot Act (could they have named it anything more cynical or insidious?) would be gone. With no fear in their hearts, all the people who enabled and emboldened the last few Republican presidents and their administrations full of white nationalist religious freaks would get their fondest wish, and America would become the theocracy we were supposedly trying to dismantle in Iraq.

So. Who’s the next Big Enemy going to be?* Hindus? The godless, tax-happy, labor-union-loving Nordic countries? Beautiful, self-contained Ireland, who’s on the cusp of being led to unity and social equality by the anti-monarchist gun-toting freedom fighters of Sinn Féin?

One thing’s for sure, whoever it—

Wait. WHAT?

Are you telling me we’re gonna hafta start worrying about AMERICANS terrorizing OTHER AMERICANS?

Ah, Christ. Okay. I guess I need to start getting ready for the War Against the War on Terror.


* – Do a Google search of the “Ledeen Doctrine.” Call me. We’ll chat.